Leachator Pumping Systems Advantages Designed for the Long Haul

Leachator Pumping Systems supplies complete systems including control panels, pumps, carriages, discharge assemblies, flow sensors/meters and remote telemetry instrumentation. The company also provides replacement pumps, motors and components for Leachator systems and systems sold by others. We are the single source for all your leachate pumping requirements.

Leachator provides standardized and custom systems that offer superior performance and long service life. Leachator has a heritage of supplying industrial quality solutions that will handle you pumping application now and long into the future.

We understand that landfill systems need long service life – both in the active phase and in post-closure. The leachate pumping system, although a small percentage of the overall cost of the landfill, is a critical component that must work throughout the entire life cycle. We incorporate value into our systems at the front end to insure that you get the best service for the long term.