Rugged Discharge Hose and Fittings
RX carriage

Some competitors use polypropylene fittings and hose. We use stainless steel fittings and Nitrile or CROSS-LINKED POLYETHYLENE hose because they are more durable and will stand up to years of use.

Level Sensors

Leachator offers a variety of level sensors to best meet your requirements.

  1. Pressure Transducers
    Pressure transducers are typically used in sideslope riser systems as well as in holding tanks and load out applications. The transducer body is 316 stainless steel. A diaphragm senses pressure based on the height of the liquid above the transducer. This pressure sensing is converted into a 4-20mA analog signal and displayed on the level control – typically in inches. Transducers are available for a variety of pressure ranges and with or without secondary surge suppression.
  2. Bubbler Systems
    Bubbler systems also provide pressure sensing level information and are suitable for sideslope risers and vertical well applications. Bubbler systems inject compressed air into a tube and measure back pressure caused by liquid level above the tube opening. The back pressure is converted to an analog signal and displayed on the level control.
  3. Floats
    Floats are intended for holding tank and wet well applications. Floats contain a Normally Open or Normally Closed single pole mercury switch. Multiple floats can be used to indicate Low Level, High Level and Alarm and to actuate Pump ON/OFF.
  4. Conductivity Probes
    Conductivity probes are particularly useful in holding tank and wet well applications where turbulence may have an adverse impact on level sensing with floats. Conductivity probes are available with single or multiple sensing points.
  5. Flow Sensors and Meters
    Leachator offers several types of Flow Sensors and Meters to satisfy any application. These include Impeller (Paddle) Wheel, Ultrasonic and Magmeters. These can be supplied with locally-mounted or panel-mounted readouts.
  6. Valves
    Leachator can provide the valves you need for your leachate pumping applications. We also offer a complete selection of air release and vacuum breakers.