Patented Pump Transporters/Carriages

Leachator Pumping Systems uses a patented wheeled carriage design to house the multistage turbine pumps and associated motors and to provide ease of insertion and retrieval in side slope riser applications. These carriages are individually sized to fit the specific pump and motor for your application. The large wheels are angled to match the riser inside diameter and to allow the carriage to move over welds and irregularities in the riser.

The level sensing transducer is mounted on the side of the carriage to provide maximum protection for the transducer. Should the transducer ever need to be replaced, it can be detached without removing the pump and motor from the carriage.

RX carriage
RX Carriage with wheel/sled
Leachator single stage pumps utilize a combination wheel/sled configuration carriage. This approach is in use in hundreds of Leachator applications across the US.

Some competitors’ carriages use wheels that can bind on riser welds or obstructions. These carriages also mount the transducer on the leading end of the carriage where it can be damaged as the pump is lowered down the riser. With their carriages, replacing the transducer also requires the removal of the pump and motor.

Underdrain carriage
Underdrain Carriage

Leachator offers specialized carriages for underdrain, cleanouts and condensate collection. These carriages are designed for insertion in smaller diameter riser pipes and provide large intake areas to extend the time needed between cleanings.