UL698A Control Panels

All Leachator control panels are UL508A/698A listed. UL listing assures you of the highest quality system that also provides the best safety features for the operator.

Leachator Pumping Systems recommends NEMA 4X Stainless Steel control panel enclosures. While we also offer painted steel and Fiberglass enclosures, stainless steel is your best long-term solution.

The fact is that pumps will wear out, electrical components may need to be replaced but your control panel enclosure should last for the life cycle of the landfill. Using stainless steel enclosures ensures that it will.


Leachator control panels are available in a variety of configurations for both side slope riser, vertical wells, transfer pumps and load out pumps.

  • Simplex
  • Duplex – Alternating and Non-Alternating
  • Custom panels for multiple primary and secondary systems

Leachator control panels can be configured for use with floats, transducers or bubblers for level sensing and a wide range of flow sensors.


Our control panels are easy to use. An operator with minimal system familiarity can understand what the control panel and associated pumps/sensors, etc., are doing and easily change parameters if needed. Our control panels also incorporate a window in the outer door – allowing operators to observe panel indicators without opening the enclosure.

The Leachator LPS1000 Simplex and LPS2000 Alternating Duplex Pump Controllers are easy to set up, easy to operate and allow level simulation to verify sensor operation. The direct reading display means the operator doesn’t have to scroll through multiple screens to view different parameters. The display can be even read in full sunlight.

Control Components

Leachator Pumping Systems provide long life and ease of use not found in competitive systems. These components provide improved operability while doing a better job of protecting the pump, motor and sensor.

Our Control Panels include:

  • User friendly Digital Level Control — Display Visible in Sunlight
  • Built-in Diagnostic Display to Simplify Repairs and Maintenance
  • Electronic Pump Monitoring for dry run protection
  • Motor Breakers that eliminate the need for on-hand fuses and to provide superior motor protection
  • Phase monitoring
  • Industrial Grade Motor Starters
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers (ISB) or Intrinsically Safe Relays depending on the level sensor used

Why Use Circuit Breakers vs. Fuses

Instead of using fuses to protect the pump and motor, Leachator panels use circuit breakers. Circuit breakers provide visual indication when tripped and are easy to reset. This eliminates the delay and expense of locating and installing fuses. It also insures that the fuse is not replaced with an incorrect fuse. Although initially more expensive than fuses, circuit breakers save you money over time. They also provide increased safety and serve as a convenient ON-OFF switch.

Circuit breaker performance (ratings) will remain constant. As fuses age, their characteristics change - resulting in premature or delayed disconnection of the circuit.

In three-phase applications, circuit breakers also eliminate the problem of single-phasing a motor when one leg of the circuit overloads and the fuse blows.

Motor Starters

Industrial grade motor starters are designed to handle the demanding inrush associated with industrial motors. They provide several times the life of definite purpose contactors used by others.

Programmable Motor Monitoring

Leachator Pumping Systems use fully programmable electronic overload relays. This device provides superior motor protection and includes an alpha-numeric display to assist in diagnosing problems such as over/under current, over/under voltage, phase imbalance, phase reversal, contactor failure, and ground fault.

Get the Spec!

For a complete Leachator Control Panel Specification (Duplex and/or Simplex) in Microsoft Word or PDF Format, contact Leachator.