Pumping Systems

Leachator Pumps – Get the Right Pump for Your Application

Pumping leachate presents special problems. Leachator Pumping Systems, Inc., has gained extensive pump specification experience in the 17 years we have served the landfill market. We offer a many types of electric and pneumatic pumps to satisfy a wide range of applications. Plus, the pumps we supply are modified and upgraded to handle the unique requirements encountered in landfills.

Selecting the Right Pump

Leachator pumps fall into two broad categories – multistage turbines and single stage pumps.


Multistage turbine pumps are an excellent choice for many landfill applications. These pumps can be configured by selecting the number of stages and motor horsepower to satisfy a wide range of conditions. The multistage turbine pumps supplied by Leachator are available with fabricated or cast stainless steel impellers. The single stage pumps are supplied with cast impellers.

Leachator also supplies Factory Mutual-rated explosion-proof pumps, solid handling pumps and grinder pumps.

For most applications, fabricated impellers do an excellent job. However, if abrasives are present – sand, ash, etc., cast impellers will provide longer service life.


The impeller on the left is fabricated stainless steel. The impeller on the right is a cast impeller. The thicker cast material will stand up to abrasives for a longer period of time when compared to the fabricated impeller shown on the left.

These pumps and motors are designed to provide the best performance and longest life for your specified conditions. It is a part of the value we build into our integrated leachate management systems that also includes carriages, UL-listed 508A/698A control panels, sensors/transducers, cables, hoses and fittings.