About Leachator

Comprehensive Service and Support

Leachator Pumping Systems offers start up services, annual inspection agreements, field service using Leachator Pumping Systems field engineers or our qualified representatives and shop services at our facility in Cumming, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. We also have trained representatives in many states who can handle service issues locally.

Unmatched 5-Year Warranty

When Leachator field service personnel provide the start up of a Leachator Pumping Systems installation, we extend your warranty to cover defects in workmanship and material to 5 years. This warranty is unmatched in the industry.

Let Us Provide Your Leachate Pumping System

For over 17 years, Leachator has been the standard in leachate pumping systems. We have added a unique leachate recirculation system to our product offering. For additional information, contact Leachator.